10 Ways to Love Yourself

I’ve shared the importance of self-love and self-compassion on this blog a few times. When our cup is full, we have something more to offer people, and more joyfully too. When we are giving and serving others from a place of lack, the quality of our giving is compromised, and in time, we may burnout.

So here are ten ways in which we can love ourselves. Do you have more to share?

1. Appreciate specific things about yourself daily.

2. Play.Be creative.

3. Rest. What’s your body trying to tell you? Rest your mind too. Develop a contemplative
. If at work, enjoy the silence at a place of worship or quiet space nearby.

4. Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Show yourself compassion. Learn and grow from it.

5. Release“perfection”.

6. Heal emotional wounds.

7. Courageously say  “No” to what is hurting you or
adding little value to your wellbeing.

8. Watch your diet– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do you eat, watch, read and listen to what inspire, nourish and challenge you to grow?

9. Discover your purpose in life.  When you die, what do you want your life to
have meant?

10. Invest in relationships that support you to love yourself.

Get a support-buddy who can support your journey to love yourself.

Isn’t self-love selfish?

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