Neff on self-compassion

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This video shows Dr Kristin Neff from the University of Texas speaking about the importance of self-compassion. (I don’t promote any one particular spiritual tradition through

Be compassionate – to yourself

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I was down with flu this weekend. And cancelled all appointments. I recall not wanting to take medical leave in the past. I had responsibilities… Who would

Neff Self-compassion Scale

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How much do we beat ourselves up for our mistakes and weaknesses? How hard are we on ourselves? Dr Kristine Neff from the University of

Sowing beautiful seeds

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Happiness is…. being more conscious of the seeds I plant through my actions, thoughts and speech each day.  I’ve come to realise that mostly, I do reap

The Big Picture

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If not all of us are ready for the big picture, maybe we can start with moving from the small picture to the medium picture…? And move up

Witness to violence

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I was going to continue with the issue of texting while driving and did some research on that but as Allen Saunders said, ”life is what

On the way

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I had an uncomfortable dream last night and it’s just hitting me now. A few days ago a car veered towards the taxi I was

Scenes from my birthday

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Oh, thank you for all the birthday wishes and encouraging emails on the blog!! You made my day! Here are other things that made my


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Hello there! I’m so happy to be giving birth to this blog on my birthday today.  This year I wanted to do something transformational on my

Max in the sunlight

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Happiness is…. seeing Max find the perfect spot in the sunlight! :)...