What’s your path to love?

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A recent newspaper article featured a Singapore-born man’s dating website in which wealthy male members bid cash for attractive female members for dates. Pictures include scantily dressed

Space as luxury

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Saw this in an ad for a condo…and I thought, “Yes it is, though I would say the real luxury lies in another kind of space…”

Discover Your Strengths

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Many of us grew up in a critical environment and a society which looks at what we don’t shine in compared to what we do.

Video: Undercover Boss

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Imagine what would happen if leaders went undercover in their own organisations with the intention of finding out what REALLY happens. That’s what happens on “Undercover

Event: Facilitating Transformation

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Watch out for Organisational Development expert, Douglas O’Loughlin’s hit workshop, “Facilitating Transformation” based on his book, “Facilitating Transformation: 12 Strategies for Creating Extraordinary Breakthroughs with Groups” I

Better World Books

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Excited to share something with you all! FREE shipping on books + Part of money goes to literacy projects around the world + every order