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Today is Eid, the end of the fasting month for Muslims. Here are some reflections by Imam Khalid Latif in NYC during Ramadan…here are some excerpts

Videos: The Living Years

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“The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics is about the sometimes conflicted relationship we have with our parents….and yet what we may feel when

Days with my father

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Here’s a very moving slideshow on a man’s days with his aging father. May we treasure our parents and show and tell them we love them

London Riots and Happiness

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I’m thankful for this analysis by Action for Happiness on the London riots. The article shares the importance of reassessing our priorities and connecting the dots between something happening “far

Video: Truth Happens

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Here’s a catchy video, “Truth Happens” on the inevitability of some changes despite the initial resistance they face…built on Gandhi’s quote: First they ignore you, then

Special birthday wishes

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Sending good thoughts to all in Singapore on her birthday…May we learn what choices bring true joy, the importance of emotional and spiritual intelligence and


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  “You don’t get the best ideas in front of the PC!” I just lit up when Angela Koch of Invitro Innovation said this. It certainly looks