Deepavali and Inner Light

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Happy Deepavali to all Hindu readers! Deepavali is about the triumph of good over evil. And I value what Indian mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev shared in 2008: The evil

Mind the Snails

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Save lives – yours and others’. Walk mindfully. About two weeks ago I watched with horror as I saw a man almost being run over by a

Video: Get a Life

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Here’s Leunig’s “Get a Life”. How much of your life is yours; your heartfelt creation...

The Friendly Driver

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I asked SBS to pass this personal message to one of their drivers. When someone does something you appreciate, tell their boss! :) Leave a legacy

When in doubt, escape

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Over the last two years, I have broken free from a prison I had mindlessly got myself into. I bought less of some things and more

Apologies Page

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I had recently written about the power of apologies. Here’s Stephen and Ondrea Levine’s  video on making apologies, as well as a page they have

Missing House

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I was walking to a friend’s place and a house was missing down her street. All that was left was a gaping hole, like the

Sorry…(Part 1)

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I wrote this sometime ago when I was waiting for someone to apologise to me. I was so gripped with hearing an apology that I started

Sorry….(Part 2)

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In Part 1, I wrote about why apologising matters and what not to do. Here’s some guidance on how to do it well… Recipe for