Lotus in Gold

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Hello Friends, I’m happy to let you know of a friend, Melissa De Silva, who has found her calling in art. I was fortunate enough to

Conscious Changemaking

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This is a precious list of principles that could guide us to make change in the world in a more conscious and peaceful way. In my

Crushed – What Can We Do?

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On Saturday, 18 Feb 2012, a worker from China got folded into a dough-mixing machine as it began churning. He was crushed and killed. The

Picture Books Went Walking…

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My little children’s books collection went walking and came back from visiting a specialist clinic and a restaurant in Singapore. Am grateful to Dr Tan Chi

Conscious Diamonds

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We can spread joy as conscious consumers… If you buy diamonds, and care that they are made ethically (that is, without funding violent rebel groups, or torture or