Videos: Strengths

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Here are various videos on the power of using strengths in our lives. Marcus Buckingham presents the Business Case for Strengths Rebuilding a life through

Video: The Gifts of Imperfection

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This is a funny and insightful five-minute clip of Dr Brene Brown speaking on the gifts of imperfection. Here are some quotes from a CNN

Discover Your Strengths

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Many of us are exposed to the idea of strengths and weaknesses. So when I was first exposed to the idea of using strengths, it didn’t

Forgive Yourself

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For me, hardest of all is to forgive myself for mistakes or weaknesses. In the Fetzer Institute’s website, they write something I find very useful:


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Learning to say “no” at the right time is a very important act of self-love. What has helped me say “no” to what doesn’t add

Self Love vs Selfishness

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Sometimes we confuse self love with selfishness or narcissm. Knowing the difference is critical! Here are some articles which make this distinction. Self Love or