Resources: Courage

We need courage to move towards greatness in life. And often we are pulled back from stepping forward by our beliefs, fear, others’ expectations of us etc.  So if there’s something that’s very important that we want to do for the greater good, we need support to develop courage. Here are some resources to help do that:

Daily actions to develop courage (and other strengths)

Movies to help develop courage (and other strengths)

Watch Pixar animation, Brave.

Read “The Courage Quotient” by Dr Robert Biswas-Diener

And do get at least a friend or two to support you to take courageous steps forward.

Changing, with Support


Get support when you're making change...makes things easier! Copyright: Joy Works (

For some of us, it’s easier to make change, whether it’s releasing an unhealthy habit or starting to develop a positive habit, when we have someone we could be accountable to.

I was introduced to this list below during my training to become a Transformation Game facilitator. It’s a list of roles that we could look for in support partners.

We can share with these people what our goal is, when we intend to take specific steps, and what milestones we are looking for.


This role requires someone to ask you about whether you’re keeping your word.

This person, I find, needs to be able to look through justifications we may make for not keeping our word. The person also need to be organised enough to remember our deadlines.

I prefer the gentle but firm confronter. Helps when they use humour sometimes! :)

Check out

This person is someone we can talk and think things through. Sometimes just by verbalising something to someone, I get the answers I have been looking for and the person hasn’t even said a word!

Innerlinks says that it could be useful to have Check out people who don’t necessarily see the world the way you do.

I personally find that it helps to have someone who has wisdom. And the person needs to have time for us.


This role is one of encouragement, when the going gets tough or simply to inspire us to keep going.


I love to have people I can celebrate with! It helps me to have someone who can celebrate small steps, not just big achivements.


– Support Partners can play more than one role.

– Innerlinks says that it could be useful to have people in both “work” and “personal” areas of our lives.

(Thanks to Innerlinks for creating this useful list.)

Personally, it helps me if the person who supports me is a reasonably good role-model (no need to be perfect!) for the specific issue I am striving to grow in. Sometimes we may choose to partner with someone who is working on the same issue as us. In those cases, would be useful to try and ensure we are a mutual positive influence. Even if we take a step forward and two steps backward, we can keep moving in a positive direction.

Who around you could play these roles for you when you’re making a positive change?