Before I die…

As the last two months of my experiment approach, priorities become clearer. One priority is to be at peace with myself and the life I have lived before I die.

How would you end this sentence?

Before I die……

It’s a question Candy Chang has enabled many to answer in public spaces.

She has other brilliant projects involving the use of public space. I love many of them, especially Sidewalk Psychiatry and Career Path.

Credit for all photos: Civic Center

Uniquely Singapore

The first time I saw this on a wall in downtown Singapore, I ignored it. I thought it was an advertisement (as it resembles our tourism campaign logo). Then I did a double-take when I read the line at the bottom of the poster.

It is rather a brilliant piece from a creative standpoint.

I showed it to a few people and they agreed with the artist’s sentiments. And I admit I used to as well.  But I don’t anymore and if you stick around, perhaps you’ll find out why my view has changed.

Although I love the ingenuity of the poster above, I much prefer the positive post-it messages of someone in Singapore who leaves them around town anonymously. He has been posting one message every day for over 500 days.

Upper East Coast Road, Singapore

What do the walls around you say? What messages can you take home and live out and which do you prefer to leave on the walls?

More inspiring messages at:

Learn about the mystery message-writer at:

PS: I’m not promoting graffiti, only discussing the messages that surround us.