Video: Undercover Boss

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Imagine what would happen if leaders went undercover in their own organisations with the intention of finding out what REALLY happens. That’s what happens on “Undercover

Video: A New Hope for Peace

Posted June 30th, 2011 by .

This is an inspiring TEDxTeen talk by Jeni Stepanek, mother of the late Mattie Stepanek, poet, philosopher and peace-maker who died from muscular dystrophy. Some highlights…

Honouring our Common Humanity on Vesak Day

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I wish all Buddhist friends, a Happy Vesak Day today! We all belong to different social groups – families, companies, neighbourhoods, religious groups, clubs, countries

Free Spirit

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Take six minutes to watch FREE SPIRIT from Nic Askew to catch an inspiring glimpse of what a free-spirited leader looks like. Ann McGee Cooper speaks of love

Video: Brene Brown on Authenticity

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In this TEDx talk, Dr Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston, speaks of the importance of being comfortable about our imperfections and

Video: Following Your Heart

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    Anila Angin’s “Mother and Child on Following Your Heart” is the kind of conversation I wish more parents had with their children. Are you living the

Video: Greatest Love of All

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Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All is probably one of the psychologically healthiest and wisest songs I have heard.   And a great reminder on Valentine’s Day. A reminder

Video: Love Story of Danny and Annie

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It’s approaching Valentine’s day and I’d like to share a touching animation clip of Danny and Annie’s love story.   Danny wrote his wife a love

Video: Anti-prejudice PSA

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At what point does your prejudice stop? Watch an anti-prejudice public service accouncement. Related: Ways to Build Unity...

Video: Black for a day

Posted January 27th, 2011 by .

Josh Sullivan experienced life as a black man for a day. Watch what happens. What would life be like if you were someone of a different ethnic group/gender/religion