Near Fall

I recently saw a worker nearly fall to his death or get seriously injured, when he was doing painting works in a high-rise building. For a few minutes, I felt sick to my stomach.

I called the estate management office and the staff managed to stop the worker from sitting on the balcony ledge.

I reported it to the Ministry of Manpower inspectorate which got in touch with the estatement management office and the unsafe works have been stopped. A staff member has said that it will advise the contractor to review their risk assessment for such work. HUGE thanks to MOM for investigating this and taking time to give me an update. (Thanks to the Workplace Safety and Health Council for passing on my report to the MOM inspectorate.)

Some lessons –

– Take immediate action to prevent wokrplace accidents where possible. Speak directly with relevant personnel and if they don’t take action, their employers. Don’t just a take a photo. But by all means, if you have a camera, take a photo and send it to authorities later.

– Report unsafe working conditions to the MOM Inspectorate.


– I had often thought to myself that I wouldn’t know how to identify safety risks related to construction/repair etc works. But on that day when I witnessed this near accident, I got in touch with my common sense and trusted my intuition! We don’t need specific instructions or training to sense a dangerous situation.

– We cannot depend solely on nonprofits to help disavantaged groups. We are surrounded by those who need our help. It just needs us to see clearly and be more fully present in the now.

But we cannot be alert or see clearly when we are constantly looking at our phones or electronic gadgets. We cannot be alert when we are replaying troubled thoughts in our head.

What or who’s right under your nose now, that needs your help? At home? Your neighbourhood? Your workplace?


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