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I had to unlearn many things I learned in school. And spend lots of time learning things in adulthood that I was never taught in school.

Why is it that we don’t teach the most important life-skills in school? How could we start doing that? How can we look after our teachers’ wellbeing better? They are playing such an important role in our children’s lives. How can we educate the whole person, and not just the mind of our young people? 

These questions have brought me to discover people, organisations, ideas and resources that I share here.

Here are some things I think education could play an important role in developing in us:

– to be compassionate, forgiving and empathetic even when others do not reciprocate

– to cultivate inner wisdom and be guided by the greater good

– to be a seeker for Truth in a world that may not reward it

– to develop a contemplative practice

– to learn to resolve and grow through conflicts peacefully

– to be aware that our lives will end and hence how to live consciously

– to discover our Calling and find true joy in work

– to date consciously and develop a joyful life-long relationship with our life partner

– to use relationships to grow

The Inner Life of a Teacher 

We need our teachers to be well and happy if we want out students to be well and happy.

Inner Work and The Life of a Teacher – video

Centre for Courage and Renewal  programmes for teachers

Centre for Courage and Renewal – articles on teaching

Teaching and Leading

The Courage to Teach

Teacher-Student Stories

Storycorps – stories of students and their teachers

Educating the Whole Person

We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. And need to grow on all thee levels.

Spirituality in Schools

Steiner Education

What is Steiner Education video

The Gift of Learning video

Quaker Education is not just for Quakers. Very valuable whole person education which cultivates inner wisdom.

Strengths-based Education – video

Research on strengths-based work with children

Nonviolent Communication in Education

Greater Good Science Centre Education-related Articles

I interviewed the Danish Ambassador to Singapore on why she thinks Denmark tops many happiness surveys. Part of her response includes info on their education system.

People in Education

Parker Palmer’s work – See Centre for Courage and Renewal


Storycubes – Creativity and story-telling game



Online games that do good

Games for Change

Half the Sky facebook game

World Peace Game

Transformation Game I am certified to run. For those over 16.


Movies that can be used to teach.


Picture Books are delightful ways of getting across meaningful messages.


Buy or download at


Higher Education – 12 Things you Might Not Have Learned in a Classroom

More Posters

Free Fablevision resources


Card Decks to inspire conversations and meaningful connection

The Virtues Cards are available from Bookaburra, Forum The Shopping Mall. They also have a children’s version.  They also have an educator’s guide and other materials for educators.

Worldview Literacy Cards

Inner Vision Deck

The Fetzer Institute Love and Forgiveness Cards


Fablevision has tons of creative products on helping young people reach their true potential. I believe some can be used with adults who are young at heart. :)


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