Tsunami Lotus

Dear Friends,

This lotus represents the healing and transformation that could come out of the tsunami that I shared about in my earlier post; healing and transformation related to areas such as self-care, wisdom in compassion, hope, balance, appreciating life and loved ones and being sensitive to more common silent tsunamis we may catalyse in others’ lives.  

If my earlier post resonated with you, I’d like to ask you to download and post this lotus as your Facebook profile or put it on your blog/website. But before that, I’d be grateful if you could

Connect with the contents of the earlier post, especially on what you already practise in your life or are striving to practise. Reflect on what else you would like to try more conscientiously. (Why? I believe that when we pass on messages that we ourselves practise, the impact is far deeper than if we don’t practise what we preach. We are overloaded with information and advertising so I believe that messages that ripple out from the actions of role-models have the highest chance of reaching people’s hearts.)

Intend that as you spread the lotus to others, you are spreading healing and positive transformation.

The beautiful artwork of the lotus is by Melissa De Silva with further design support from Winston Cangsuco from The Patatas.

Thank you for helping me help me spread this lotus with awareness, intention and love. May we evolve as a global community from this tragedy. ~Vadivu

PS: If you use the lotus, drop a comment if you feel inclined. Would be nice to know where the lotus travels. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Tsunami Lotus”

  1. beautifully expressed and poignantly written – love your blogs! have posted it on both my profile page and the our space + light : yoga facebook page


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